Capital College and Career Academy (CCCA) is designed to address a critical education need in the Sacramento area.  Our innovative school model directly addresses the misalignment between K-12 and postsecondary education that has left far too many young people unprepared for life after high school. Our model allows student learning to extend far beyond the walls of the traditional classroom by focusing heavily on authentic, real-world learning opportunities.


Only 30% of California’s current ninth-grade students are expected to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. High-paying careers that do not require a 4–year degree, such as those in fields like information technology, the medical system, and building trades often go unfilled because the current system of K–14 education has yet to adjust to the current needs of the workforce. For example, California will need 180,000 homes built annually, through 2025, to meet projected population and household growth.

Students should not have to choose between college or a career:

High school should be a time where students explore their interests and passions while also acquiring skills that can prepare them for the world ahead. Our mission at CCCA is to prepare tomorrow’s workforce today by empowering young people to be critical thinkers who are truly college and career ready by engaging in a one-of-a-kind career technical education. CCCA will offer students in Sacramento an educational experience that combines rigorous, research-based academics with practical and authentic youth apprenticeship opportunities to address an immediate need for both students and industry in the community.

Authentic learning experiences, particularly internships, transcend school district boundaries

As our learning partners are based throughout Sacramento County, CCCA’s model requires a countywide benefit charter to be feasible. Opening satellite learning locations near our community partners will reduce student travel times between our North Sacramento campus and allow for more instructional time during the school da

College Partnerships

CCCA is the only site-based high school in the Sacramento region that allows students the opportunity to take classes at both Sacramento State and American River College.

Our community wants this innovative option:

Sacramento families want CCCA as an option for their students. By the 2023–2024 school year, we project an enrollment of 80 students in 9th grade and growing every year. Additionally, more than 35 community partners have signed formal letters of support for CCCA.